Reaching The Top

Constantly striving for perfection,
the perfect light, the perfect moment, the perfect shot.
Discover the variety of possibilities.

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Impressive , Night

Fading Daylights

The natural daylight is giving way to the artificial lights of the city.

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B&W , Street


The reduction to the essentials is creating a completely unique magic.

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Berlin B&W

Time only moves forward while light is permanently being reflected back and forth.

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Impressive , Nature


The big moments in life are often well hidden behind efforts and exertions.

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Course Of Seasons

The constant change is sending things into the eternal cycle of better and worse.

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Night , Street

China Town

The pulsating lights of the big city set the rhythm and inevitably determine your pace.

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Mountain View

If you are overwhelmed by the force of the colors in this world, try to paint the picture in brightly colored shades of gray.

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Impressive , Nature

Twilight Lake

When the eerie twilight settles over the scenery, one could think to see troll shadows scurrying across the country.

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Roof Top View

From an elevated point of view, many things can suddenly become completely insignificant.

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